Want to get great deals on hundreds of great Los Angeles attractions? is a great resource to take advantage of. Because they buy bulk tickets for a ton of events and various Los Angeles attractions, they're able to offer huge discounts to people like us. All you have to do is sign up, which is free and takes about 2 minutes. When I signed up I was worried I would get a bunch of unwanted mail in my inbox but the great thing is, Goldstar only sends you one email a week, which lets you know about the new attractions they have tickets to. Plus you can turn this feature off as well if you want. You can literally expect to save 50% off most tickets. It's incredible. The key is you have to buy your tickets from them at least a couple days before the date you want to go. So keep that in mind while browsing the events they offer!

Honestly,these guys have saved me sooo much money!

Goldstar, can you please do a similar website for gas?

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