Los Angeles Clippers

Come And See the LA Clippers, A Team On the Verge of A Major Turnaround!

Ok so the LA Clippers finished 19-63 last year....Not the greatest ever showing. But Wait!

Things could be looking up! Since they finished so poorly they scooped up number one draft pick Blake Griffin, who dominated at Oklahoma. So throw him on the court with Baron Davis and Chris Kaman and maybe things are starting to look up! I guess we'll have to wait and see.

LA Clippers

The great thing about going to a Clippers game is you can get great deals on tickets and they don't sell out like the Lakers, (surprise!).

The Clippers play at the incredible Staples Center one of the most beautiful venues to watch a sports game or a concert. So here are a few ways to get your tickets to the Clippers. Goldstar.com seems to always have really good deals on Clippers games so be sure to check them out!


  • This is one of the best kept secrets in LA. Goldstar.com offers amazing deals on almost all Los Angeles Attractions. It's free to sign up, literally takes only thirty seconds, and it usually saves you 50% off your ticket price. You should definitely take advantage of this, it's by far our favorite way of getting tickets in Los Angeles. We use them ourselves!

  • Ticketmaster sometimes doesn't give you much control over where you sit. So if you're looking for tickets to a big game that's already sold out and want great seats, Stubhub.com is a great site! It's a subsidiary of Ebay that allows you to find both last minute tickets and elite seating.

Baron Davis

If you're thinking of getting decked out at the game, with jerseys, hats etc... Prices at Staples Center are not surprisingly through the roof! So a better idea might be ordering ahead of time. You can literally save up to 75% on exactly the same merchandise. And trust us, we've been there, after a few beers go down, that $200 Mardy Collins jersey from the Staples Center store suddenly doesn't look like such a bad deal!!

Getting There

In terms of getting to Staples Center, taking a cab can be expensive unless you're coming from downtown. A great alternative is the Metro.

staples center It can take you from the Valley, Hollywood and other spots to about 7 minutes walk from Staples Center. Just get off at the 7th street station and follow the signs!

Here's a map to Staples Center and the surrounding area.

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