Santa Monica

Lounge on The Beach, Hit The 3rd Street Promenade or Explore the Famous Pier. All That And More!

Santa Monica beach

Santa Monica is one of the most popular places to visit for anyone exploring the Los Angeles area. With 3.5 miles of beach and 340 days of sunshine, it's not hard to see why!

Being a former resident of Santa Monica, I can tell you it is a wonderful beach town that has plenty of amazing attractions. If only rent prices were as amazing. ;-)

Whether you want to sun tan, ride a ferris wheel, shop till you drop, swim, surf, bike or eat at some great restaurants, Santa Monica has it all! So let's take a look at some of the highlights that make it such a fun place.

santa monica pier Santa Monica Pier page The pier, originally built in 1909, is an indelible icon of the California coastline. Come and take a look at the different fun attractions that are crammed onto this classic landmark.
santa monica beach Santa Monica Beach page With 3.5 miles of beach you're not gonna have to struggle to find your own personal spot of sand! Rent a bike, eat while watching the best sunsets in California or hit the ocean to swim with dolphins!
3rd street promenade 3rd Street Promenade page The third street promenade is the place to go for shopping, movies, food and street performers. LA's premiere walking only street.

Getting There

You can easily get to Santa Monica by taking the #10 freeway. If you want to get to the pier, beach or 3rd street promenade take the 4th street exit and take a right on 4th. I take advantage of the 3 hour free parking structures on 4th and 2nd street just past Colorado Ave.

Here is a map of the downtown which also lists various attractions.

Big Blue Bus

Santa Monica has it's own bus system called the Big Blue Bus.

Here is a link to their website.

You can use the metro trip planner if you're coming in from further away.

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