Venice Beach

Sit Back, Relax and Soak Up the Sun and the One of a Kind Energy

Venice beach sunset

The beach itself in Venice is a beautifully relaxing counter point to the intense experience of the boardwalk.

With 1.5 miles of sand there is plenty o f opportunity to lay back and soak in the rays while the waves crash in the background. Once you get too hot, jump into the pacific and cool off!

Venice Pier

The 1300 foot concrete Venice fishing pier is a nice counterpoint to its more famous cousin, the Santa Monica Pier. You won't find any rollercoasters or Pizza huts here. Instead, take a walk out to the end of the pier for a truly amazing front seat view of the Southern California sunset.

The pier is also great for bike riding. Because it's made of concrete, you won't get the bumpy ride you get from the wooden slats of a lot of other piers.

venice pier Locals call it the “fishing” pier for a reason. You can find many people dangling their lines over the side. Depending at what point in the pier you choose, here are some of the fish you can expect to catch:

Beginning of pier: Surfperch, stingrays, thornbacks, sand sharks...

Mid pier: Tom cod, herring, Pacific Mackerel, jacksmelt...

End of pier: bonito, kelp bass, barracuda,sharks...

No permit required.

The pier is wheelchair friendly with appropriate height railings in certain sections. You can find bait and tackle shops at the base of the pier, as well as vendors on the pier itself at times.

The pier is also a great place to watch surfers hitting the waves nearby.

You can find the Venice pier at the end of Washington blvd.


Surfing is quite active at Venice beach, especially near the pier. Although many of the hard core surfers head to Malibu or Huntington, Venice beach still maintains a loyal group of locals.

Either enjoy as a spectator, from the beach or the pier. Or grab a board and get in the mix yourself!


As with Santa Monica beach (link), there are plenty of beach volleyball nets set up along the beach. Grab some friends, get a game going and then you can head to the boardwalk for drink to cool off after!

Venice Skate Park

The brand new 3 million dollar skate park built by the city, honors Venice beach as the birthplace of skateboarding.

Crowds gather around the 16 000 square park to take in the top skaters in the area. It's pretty fun watching the skaters tackle the 9 foot deep bowl. Some great moves and some great bails!

venice beach skate park

The park isn't only reserved for the top dogs though, the meandering “snake” feature is a great place for 5 year olds on throug 65 year olds!

You can find the new park near Windward ave on the way to the water.

Bike and Skate Rentals

If you want to start a bike or skate trip with Venice beach as your home base then “Venice Bike and Skates” is a good place to get your rentals.

It's located at 21 Washington blvd. (310 301 4011)

It's right at the foot of the Venice pier. Bikes go for 6$ an hour.

From here you can take advantage of the wonderful bike bath that snakes up and down the coast, from Santa Monica in the north to Redondo Beach in the south. Which way you head is up to you!

Venice Beach Drum Circle

If you really want to experience Venice's unique energy first hand then the Venice beach drum circle is a must see!

Venice beach's greatest attraction is its people, and the drum circle is one the best ways to dive head first into experiencing as eclectic a mix of people as you will ever find.

The concept is pretty simple. A large group of people, in a circle, pounding away on all manner of drums as the sun goes down over the pacific. The middle of the circle is for the dancers, moving rhythmically and not so much, caught up in the vibe.

Whether you want to plunge in and participate or just stand on the outskirts and observe, the drum circle is a classic Venice experience.

Tourists and locals mix freely so don't worry about encroaching, the whole mandate of the circle is to welcome everyone!

The Venice beach drum circle goes off 2 hours before sunset on sundays near the beach at brooks ave.

Keep in mind this isn't really a kids friendly activity, as there are drugs going around.

Here is map of the intersection closest to the drum circle.

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