Immerse Yourself in the One of a Kind Universe That is Venice California!

Winward ave.

Venice may have been named after the famous sinking Italian city, but it's personality is Southern California through and through!

If you live in greater Los Angeles or are just visiting, you've got to experience this sea side town where its Carnival all year round!

venice history

History of Venice

The acknowledged “father” of Venice is tobacco mogul Abbot Kinney who envisioned creating a “Venice of America” that would exhibit all the culture, charm and romance of it's Italian namesake.

In 1905 his creation was unveiled to the world. It sported a 1200 foot pleasure pier, a restaurant in the shape of a ship, a dance hall and a giant indoor pool complex. He even built canals complete with gondolas!

venice beach history

Clearly Venice Beach was a hit!

Today most of the 16 miles of canals are gone, but Venetian touches can still be seen in some of the architecture around town, especially along Windward ave.

Through the 50s and 60s Venice became a hub for the “beat” generation and then saw the rise of rock bands like the doors. Venice California was also the birthplace of skateboarding, pioneered by the areas famous “Z boys”.

winward ave.

Today all of these influences come together to form a wonderful whirling and colorful mess. All of which makes it one of greater Los Angeles' most unique attractions.

Timing your Venice visit can have a great impact on your experience. Not surprisingly, weekends at the boardwalk (summer especially), provide a manic assault on the senses. Which can be harrowing and thrilling!

On off days the area is a lot calmer with a lot more locals going about their day.

Here are some highlights of what you can find in Venice!

venice beach Venice Beach page 1.5 miles of beautiful sand, complete with a pier of its own!
venice boardwalk Venice Boardwalk page Where all the crazy fun can be found! Street performers, vendors, medical marijuana and more!
fireworks Venice Events page

Venice has a bunch of fun events sprinkled throughout the year.
venice mural Venice Murals page

Venice is dotted with great murals throughout its streets. Get a look at some pictures and take a walking tour!

Getting There and Parking

Most of the attractions can be found near the beach. The best way to get to Venice beach is by taking the 405 freeway from either direction and then taking the Venice Blvd exit heading west.

Once you hit the ocean you can try to park at the lots nearby. Daily rates range from 3$ to 10$ for the day. The other option is metered street parking, but looking for those on the weekend can make you feel like your searching for the lost Ark.

On weekends a good parking option is the extra lot that is opened up at the Westminster Elementary school. Parking there is 5$. Here is a map to the elementary school parking.

Public transportation is also available. Take advantage of the Metro trip planner to plan your visit.

Finally, here is a

map to the Venice beach area.

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